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National Land Numerical Information download service

About National Land Numerical Information download service

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This English website for National Land Numerical Information was created simply for convenience sake for use in English environment and thus may include some terms that are not official English translations. For the official English translations of such terms, please refer to other official documents separately.

We have started to provide data in GML and SHAPE formats


From April 2012 the data that was hitherto provided has been changed to a JPGIS 2.1 (GML) format, and in conjunction with this SHAPE format data will also be provided. Users should note that we will continue to provide the former JPGIS 1.0 format and standardized formats for the time being.

The Policy Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has, from November 4th 2010 onwards, decided to conduct a questionnaire aimed at users of National Land Numerical Information, in an effort to enrich and develop the information and improve the download service functions. We look forward to the cooperation of users in this questionnaire, which will run for the time being. The questionnaire screen will appear as download data is chosen. Please fill in the relevant parts, and download your data.


About the National Land Numerical Information

  The National Land Numerical Information represents numerical data prepared from information related to the national lands to support the promotion and formulation of land planning such as the Comprehensive National Development Plan, National Land Use Planning, and National Spatial Strategy.

  A Project to Construct National Land Information System that includes the development and use of basic information related to the national lands was started at the same time as the inauguration of the National Land Agency in 1974 to develop data to form the foundation for the creation of the Comprehensive National Development Plan. The National Land Numerical Information is digitized geographic information on topography, land use, public facilities, roads, railroads and other land-related information developed during the project to develop National Land Information System. Grid cell (meshed) data forms much of the data which can be combined with population and other statistical data to conduct analyses. In particular, information related to land has been organized chronologically and studies on annual changes and the like can be conducted.

  At first, this information was freely lent out to public facilities (government institutions, local government sectors, universities, etc.). However, the information was made available over the internet for free from April, 2001 for wider dissemination.

  The National Land Numerical Information is divided into the following categories.

Designated Regional Area
The 3 Major Metropolitan Planning Areas, City Area, Agricultural Areas, Forest Areas, etc.
Coastal Zones
Fishery Ports, Tidal and Marine Facilities, Coastal Zone mesh, etc.
Altitude and Gradient Tertiary Mesh, Land Classification Mesh, Climatic Data Mesh, etc.
Land Related
Publication of Land Prices, Prefectural Land Price Surveys, Land Use Tertiary Mesh, etc.
National Land Skeleton data
Administrative Divisions, Coastal Lines, Lakes, Rivers, Railways, Airports, Ports, etc.
Public Facilities, Power Stations, Cultural Assets, etc.
Census of Commerce
Census of Commerce Mesh, Census of Manufacture Mesh, Census of Agriculture Mesh, etc.
Basin and Non-Water Catchment Area Mesh, etc.

National Land Numerical Information Data Converter Tool

  We attempted to make a tool to convert downloaded National Land Numerical Information to the Shape format for easy use with GIS.

※repaired the lack of memory error which occurs at the time of the conversion of big map data

National Land Numerical Information Data Converter Tool for 32Bit (ksjtool_32_v1.8.zip about 18MB)
National Land Numerical Information Data Converter Tool for 64Bit (ksjtool_64_v1.8.zip about 18MB)

  • When a conversion tool before ver1.7 is installed, Please uninstall an old conversion tool
  • It is necessary to install the JAVA run time (ver1.6 update26) included in the installer.

  •   This tool can only convert National Land Numerical Information (complying with JPGIS) that can be downloaded from this homepage.

    Extension file (featureXMLfor1.76.zip: about 19 KB)
      This file is for converting the data to the Shape format with the conversion tool in accordance with the launch of the new data items.

    KSJ Designated Regional area data creation tool

      This tool outputs National Land Numerical Information (JPGIS compliant format), meta data and XML code lists at any time from input administration zone and designated regional area data of National Land Numerical Information that has been converted to the Shape format.

    KSJ Designated Regional area data creation tool (KsjToolGS_v1.01zip: about 1.6 MB)

    Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport National and Regional Planning Bureau 2007