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 National Land Numerical Information   Bus Station Data

  The latest data is based on Product Specification Vers. 2.0. (Year data was created: 2010)

Bus Station Version 2.0 Identifier P11
Contents Data on positions (points), names, classifications (private-sector route bus, public-sector route bus, community bus, and demand responsive bus), operator names, and bus lines of bus stations across Japan
Related laws -
Year data was created 2010 (Creation date: 2010.7; approximate date because the original data was created in different times)
Original data Digital Map 25000 (map images), MAPPLE digital map data (Shobunsha Publications, Inc.), and bus station materials (such as bus station maps, bus route maps, timetables, and bus station lists collected from bus service operators, municipal governments, and prefectural bus associations)
Creation method Using Digital Map 25000 (map images) as the base map, the position coordinates were obtained and attributes were assigned to the data item based on the bus station materials. The MAPPLE digital map data was superimposed and referenced as reference material whenever necessary. In principle, not only stations for uptown and downtown bus stations within 100 m but also multiple bus stations in the same location were unified.
Coordinate system JGD2000 / (B,L)
Data class

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Feature information Feature name Explanation
Bus station Bus stations established related to general passenger automobile carrier businesses defined in the Road Transportation Act and for civil-sector route buses, public-sector route buses, community buses, and demand responsive buses
Attribute information Attribute name Explanation Value type
Site Position of each bus station GM_Point
Bus station name Name of each bus station CharacterString
Bus classification Classification by the bus route service type Code list [Bus classificaton code]
Operator name Name of each operator that runs bus routes (municipal government name for community bus service) CharacterString
Bus lines Number and name of each bus route For a bus lines not set in place, a combination of route name or operator name and serial number is used. CharacterString

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