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Data Download

  Please select data item from National Land Numerical Information to download.
  Types of data: "XX mesh" refers to meshed data. The words "point," "line," "polygon," and "table" after the data title refer respectively to "point data," "line data," "polygon data," and "table data."

Data Items commonly downloaded
Vector Data
Railways (line) Publication of Land Prices (point) Administrative Zones (polygon)
Mesh Data
Land Use Tertiary Mesh Altitude and Gradient Tertiary Mesh Road Density and Road Length Mesh
All data list (Category list)
Designated Regional Area
Vector Data
The 3 Major Metropolitan Planning Areas (polygon) Uity Areas (polygon) Natural Park Areas (polygon)
Nature Conservation Areas (polygon) Agricultural Areas (polygon) Forest Areas (polygon)
Wildlife Management Areas (polygon) Densely Inhabited District (polygon) Depopulated Areas (polygon)
Designated Peninsulas Development Area to be Developed (polygon) Designated Remote Islands to be Developed (polygon) Amami Islands (polygon)
Ogasawara Islands (polygon) Snowy Areas (polygon) Special Soils Areas (polygon)
Mountainous Villages to be Developed (polygon) Specified Rural Areas (polygon) Sediment Disaster Hazard Area (point, line, polygon)
Elementary School Area (point, polygon) World Natural Heritage (polygon)
Coastal Zones
Vector Data
Fishery Ports (point, line)

Mesh Data
Altitude and Gradient Tertiary Mesh Altitude and Gradient Fragmented Mesh
Land Related
Vector Data
Publication of Land Price (point) Prefectural Land Price Research (point) Industrial Zones (polygon)
Mesh Data
Land Use Tertiary Mesh Land Use Fragmented Mesh
National Land Skeleton data
Vector Data
Administrative Zones (polygon) Coastal Lines (line) Lakes (polygon)
Rivers (line, point) Railways (line) Airports (polygon, point)
Ports and Harbors (point, line)

Mesh Data
Road Density and Road Length Mesh Basin Mesh
Vector Data
Public Facilities (point) Power Stations (point) Dams (point)
Bus Station Data (point) Fuel Fill Station (point) Local Government Office, etc. and Public Meeting Facility (point)
Medical Organization (point) Tourism Resource (polygon, line, point)
Mesh Data
Accommodation Capacity Mesh

Industrial statistics
Vector Data
Traffic Flow: Occurred/Concentrated Traffic volume of Person Trip (polygon, line) Traffic Flow: Person Trip OD Amount (polygon, line) Traffic Flow: Commuters per Station (polygon, line)
Traffic Flow: Cargo/Passengers flow (polygon, line)